In 2015 I worked with Etamin Studio and the Paris Numérique team to create a brand new experience for parisians and tourists on the website of the most visited city in the world.

With very good designs (made by Spintank) in hands, our first piece of work was to create a styleguide for all the elements of the website to facilitate the integration of new contents.
I had the responsability to choose the right tools so that the templates we designed for the styleguide could be reused as is in the website. We used Jade as the templating system and Sass as the Stylesheet guide because they both have a very good support in the Node.JS community so that it was easy to integrate with the backend created by the Paris Numérique team.

During the whole process, we had to take good care about the website accessibility because the french law makes it mandatory for this kind of website to be accessible. I always like to take care about accessibility but it was even more important in this project.
I then worked with the backend team to plug the work we did with their Node.JS stack.




June 2015


  • HTML5 (Jade)
  • CSS3 (Sass)
  • Javascript (front-end and back-end)
  • Fully Responsive


iOS page screenshot ios menu screenshot
Android page screenshot Android page with header screenshot
Desktop professionals page screenshot Desktop home page screenshot