Google arts and culture

From november 2015 to june 2016, I have been working with the Google Cultural Institute on the new Google Arts and Culture website.

Working in Google Paris offices was an amazing opportunity and I enjoyed this project a lot. Trying to facilitate access to cultural media for users from all around the world was very motivating.

The website was designed mobile-first and the first release was in fact mobile only. We then worked on a desktop version, sometimes transitioning from the mobile one, sometimes with a brand new design. Most of my work was front-end development using public Google tools (Google Closure Stylesheets and Google templating system) and an internal JavaScript framework. I sometimes had to do a bit of Java too.

Before this mission, I mainly worked for small start-ups, dealing with the infrastructure of a large project and Google workflows was new to me but I learned a lot from this.



Google arts and culture
The content is also available via iOS and Android apps.


December 2015 (Mobile) and april 2016 (Desktop).


  • HTML5
  • CSS3 (Google Closure Stylesheet)
  • Javascript (internal framework)
  • Fully Responsive


iOS Home page screenshot ios Van Gogh page screenshot
Android page with Monet art sorted by colors Android Van Gogh page screenshot
Desktop home page screenshot Desktop natural history page screenshot