Here is a selection of projects I enjoyed working on lately. They are all meaningfull projects trying to make the users life better or easier in any way.



I'm a web developer, graduated from Les Gobelins Paris, I have 12 years of experience in web development, the first 4 mainly on the back-end (Ruby on Rails), the last 8 mainly on the front-end. As these years passed doing a job I love, I now have a good idea of the kind of project I want to work on next. Right now, my choice is to participate in meaningful long-term projects like the ones listed above.

Working in a nice, respectful and welcoming environment is also an important criteria. Aside from my job I'm a travel lover and a very curious person interested in about everything and especially sports, journalism, space exploration and law.

If you think we can work together, please contact me!

  • Front-end developer

    Front-end has been my primary focus for the last eight years. I develop standards-based websites with HTML / CSS / JavaScript. I focus on writing clean and efficient code that will run on any kind of device. I previously worked with some of the most common JavaScript frameworks (React / Backbone…).

  • Back-end developer

    Even if I have been focusing on frond-end these last years, I still like to do some back-end too! Node.JS is my favorite tool when it comes to build a nice and optimized API.

  • Web evangelist

    I enjoy my work so much I like to share it with others. I'm teaching web development at GOBELINS, l'école de l'image in Paris and I used to give JavaScript training course with Delicious Insights. You may also find me in web related conferences, sometimes as a speaker, more often as a attendee.

  • Creative Coder

    As a Lab212 member, I participated in the creation of innovatives, interactives and artistics projects such as Galets Magiques and Minuscules.

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